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Blendtec baby, Blendtec

It worked! After all the work of packing a dang blender, sacrificing other things that we could have brought, and then lugging the thing around in my backpack for the last week, it finally paid off.

Kelli and I have a home. We found a great little place in a cool beach town called Playa de los Cocos. It’s small, but we went to do some grocery shopping last night and we couldn’t believe what we were seeing: organic gala apples, organic soy and almond milk, and all sorts of good leafy green vegetables that we use in our smoothies and salads. So I’ll give you one guess what we had for breakfast this morning. Yep, tropical smoothie goodness tons of greens snuck in. I love you Blendtec blender. Thanks for getting my back…and finally getting off it.

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  • Kevin November 17, 2010, 12:19 pm

    Yay Blendtec! A bit of home, a bit of the new place. We took ours to some friends last week, and the husband showed me several episodes of “Will It Blend?” Have you seen it?

    I hope what has happened to our pitchers doesn’t happen to yours. When we don’t use them for a few months, the blender bit gets really stuck. A few weeks ago I was making a banana milkshake and the black rubber ring inside it got pulled out and run through the blades.

    Hasta pronto!

    • Kelli November 17, 2010, 6:03 pm

      Yeah, those “will it blend” clips are awesome. Then you’ve got those old Bass-o-matic SNL commercials. Classic.

      Thanks for the reminder on the blender. I think we should be ok because we really haven’t gone more than a couple days without using it, but I’ll keep my eye on it.

      Sorry about your banana milkshake! Can you get replacement parts in Australia?

      Viva Blendtec!